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Use this reflection to consider areas where you might like to work.
You might identify a broad area of specialism that interests you such as packaging design, or you might have a much more targeted ambition and be able to identify a particular studio or agency that you would like to work with.

Research your interests, identify websites, articles and anything else which will help to inform you and guide you. Create your first professional practice post

You can post images, embed podcasts, create links and anything else that you wish to do. 

What parts of design do I like?
-Projects that I've enjoyed the most have been based around branding or packaging design, or a mix of both.
-I still really enjoy different disciplines such as illustration, fine art and 3D physical art (eg prop making). 

What parts do I dislike?
-At the moment I don't enjoy things like creating websites or animations. This could be because I'm not very skilled in this area so I don't enjoy the difficult process. Equally, I perhaps haven't strengthened these skills as I don't enjoy it. 

I think I would ideally prefer to be my own boss, and work from home or something similar. Although I am also happy to work in groups, so I would just see what came along in terms of jobs.